Insider’s Guide to Aspen : The Top 5 Snow Adventures

When spending winter in Aspen, outdoor enthusiasts will not need to hibernate during the cold season. Known as year-round destination for all travel mindset, Aspen offers adventure diversions to take you way beyond its renowned skiing.

Snowshoe Tour


Explore Aspen’s winter wilderness on foot by hiking its slopes. Join a naturalist-guided expedition to see the natural inhabitants and ecosystem of the area. Learn its history as told by old ranchers in a farmyard tour. The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies offers daily snowshoe excursions through trails on top of Aspen Mountain and at Snowmass that will make memories to last long after the snow melts.

Ice Climbing    


For the ultimate never-been-done experience this winter, why not embrace the winter chill by climbing up the voluptuously inviting Aspen ice walls around you? The AMGA guides at Aspen Expeditions Worldwide will teach you the right combination of balance and poise to safely cling to a frozen waterfall. Getting through a challenging scaling will give you a view of Aspen like no other adventure.

Fly Fishing

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This is one fish tale you will be proud to tell! Aspen has great fishing and great spots to catch large trout. Cast a line on a high-Alpine lake in the summer or fish the Gold Medal and Blue Ribbon waters of the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan rivers. Aspen Outfitting Company offers the area’s only Certified Guide Program, and Little Nell will teach you how to read the area’s legendary waters and successfully lure your bait.


Add a fun twist to you winter vacation by taking in the spectacular Aspen views with a whoosh of adrenaline coursing through your veins. T-Lazy-7 Snowmobiles tours will take you through miles of snow-packed trails through the White River National forest and the aspen grooves in the Maroon Bells mountains. For a customized exploit including a personal guide and a photographer, Blazing Adventures is the place to get your speeding machine.

Dog Sledding                           


There is nothing more enchanting in the winter than an authentic dogsledding expedition. A Krabloonik Dog Sled Ride is an exciting guided journey through the pristine Snowmass backcountry. At Base Camp Bigfork Sledding you will learn the basics of harness, lines, and mushing so you can lead your own team of Alaskan huskies through the entrancing Aspen snow.

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